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A simple guide to help you manage your enrolment

Where to look when you don't know where to look
It’s no secret that university can be complex. It’s not just the content of your studies that can challenge you as a student. Managing your enrolment can seem like it needs a course of its own – especially for first-timers.


One of the earliest things you should do is bookmark the Student website. It's your first stop for information about enrolment, course planning, fees, graduation, support services, student IT, and any other questions you have about student administration.

The other platforms you should be familiar with are:

  • Sydney Student – where you can complete administration tasks such as updating your personal details, submitting enrolment information, and managing your student finances
  • Canvas – the University’s online learning platform, where you'll find information and resources for your units of study.


It's a good idea to familiarise yourself with your online handbook at the start of your degree and refer back to it when you select your units of study each semester. Think of it as the roadmap to navigate your way through your course. It’s where the really important information including course resolutions, faculty resolutions and unit of study tables can be found. Knowing exactly what’s ahead and what’s required will help you feel more mentally prepared to dive into semester.


Once you have enrolled for the current year you can still get your previous work and study experience recognised by applying for credit for previous study. This means you won’t have to repeat similar units and could graduate sooner.

Make sure you check the relevant deadlines and have the required supporting documents on hand before you apply.


It’s possible to switch what you’re studying if you have a change of heart early on. If a unit you’re enrolled in just isn’t right for you, you can make changes to your enrolment early on in semester. Changing courses, changing majors, or units all have their own requirements, so make sure you get all the information before you apply to change. In Semester 2 the last day to add or change a unit is Friday 16 August, and the last day to drop a unit of study without academic penalty is census date (Saturday 31 August).


The easiest way to get a record of your enrolment at the University is to download a certificate of current enrolment. The certificate includes your name, Student ID, date of birth, mode of attendance, enrolment dates as well as the course and units your currently enrolled in.

If you need something that displays all of your units of study and results, we now offer secure digital transcripts through My eQuals.


An Opal travel concession will give you reduced travel fares on the NSW public transport network, including some local bus services. To get a travel concession you’ll have to meet certain eligibility requirements and consent for us to share your travel details.


Information overload is real at university, and if you’re not familiar with the higher education language and don’t know where to start, the student website’s SydBot might be able to help. Click the speech bubble icon on the bottom right of the screen and ask away.

Tip: keep a tab open for the glossary to help translate in case an unfamiliar term or acronym pops up.


If you’re studying in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Business school, Faculty of Engineering or Faculty of Science, visit a Mobile Centre on campus for one-on-one help with your enrolment, including unit selection, navigating your handbook and credit for previous study. Register to attend a Mobile Centre

1 March 2019


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